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    10-22-14 6:00 pm - Fogon Cocina Mexicana
    Capitol Hill Sports: "We're Bringing Recess Back!"

    We play through rain, shine, or killer bees. If we're not on the turf field, find us on the grassy area immediately behind the field or near the water fountains. If the weather sucks, cleat up. All skill levels welcome, unless you're better than...

    Fado Trivia Night
    10-22-14 6:00 pm - Fogon Cocina Mexicana
    Urban on a Budget!

    Please skip to the bottom of this description for new information about attendance and prizes. thanks Hey everyone, If it's Wednesday, that must mean it's trivia night at Fado! And if you get the movie reference in there, we'd love to have you!...

    Fogón Cocina Mexicana
    10-22-14 6:00 pm - Fogon Cocina Mexicana
    Seattle Burrito Enthusiasts

    Our October event takes us back to Capitol Hill, where we'll be sampling the Michoacán-style offerings of Fogón, a relatively recent addition to Seattle's line-up of notable Mexican restaurants. Menu: http://www.fogonseattle.com/menu.html

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