• Community Events

    FLUR - Friday Lake Union Run with the SGLRG
    8-1-14 11:00 am - #14 Bus Stop
    Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group

    Start your Fridays off right and join us for a 10k run around Lake Union followed by coffee. We meet at Blue Moon Burgers and depart promptly at 6:00am, meeting for coffee afterwards at Milstead & Co. The FLUR is a regular staple of the Seattle...

    Friday Lake Union Run!
    8-1-14 11:00 am - #14 Bus Stop
    Seattle Green Lake Running Group

    Have your Fridays been lacking a run?  Have you been wanting to explore the area around Lake Union?  Or maybe you're like me and you live near Lake Union and some days driving is to much.  If this sounds like you we have a new running meetup!...

    Colman Park – Blue Angels Practice
    8-1-14 11:00 am - #14 Bus Stop
    Feet First Walks

    Join Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Carolyn Heberlein to watch the Blue Angels practice above Lake Washington. We will get to the viewing point by strolling through Colman Park, Mount Baker Beach, and along Lake Washington Boulevard toward...

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